Saturday, 11 March 2017

Preview - The Woods, their pad & the smugly

So the 'Boro playoff cavalcade hits the soul destroying M3/M25 corridor, once again, on a quest to carry on sculpting the statue of DAYvid that is our playoff momentum. With almost 2 months having passed since THAT Tuesday night siberian horror show at the Royston Potato peelers, we've somehow crafted a 100% trail of destruction away from the San Cherrio. The Uxbridgers, Arselays & Fleety turds all have been slammed down like an article 50 bill in the house of Lords.

Northwood FC is today's destination and the imaginatively named "Northwood Park" is another new ground for many of the hordes of the Boro faithful making the expedition. "The Woods" currently sit 17th in the table and, with only 1 win to date this year (P-field), have found themselves nervously looking over their shoulders as Histon and Aylesbury fight like pregnant Totland teenagers below them.

So what side can we expect to see today? If Tuesday night's 3-2 triumph in the speedily arranged 'friendly' against the King's Tonians is anything to go by, and we think it will be, then we'd expect Sam "Fogle" Pearce to continue his busman's holiday in midfield alongside the recently returned Scott "Castrol" Donnelly and new whippersnapper Jordan "GoalDen" Graham. CJ "Pammy" Fearns may well continue his recrudesce into the back four but, let's be honest, it all depends what side of the bed our almighty overlord gets out of. It has to be said that it's nice to have more options then a supermarket hot chocolate range, on our bench, for once.

Northwood appears to be most famous for Fearne Cotton and "Godfrey" from Dad's army having resided there. We'll stop by the museum and pick up a novelty pencil and rubber from the giftshop of course. Oh, large parts of 70's sitcom "The Good Life" were also filmed there. For younger readers, this was a sitcom based on an obstinate & pig headed bloke who gave up his busy commercial lifestyle to undergo a project to become entirely self sufficient, whilst trying to tolerate his judgemental neighbours. So yes, pretty much like life at Boro in recent years.

Northwood can take some solice in knowing they'll be the first team to have graced theBoroWalk review archives twice. That day Boro ran out nervy 2-1 winners. Who knows what the hell will happen today. Either way, we're in the playoffs, so let's just enjoy the ride... And the banter. Ohhhhh the banter.

theBoroWalk prediction : 4-1 'Boro

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